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Pro 2-Way RFX Bundle w/ LTE Module

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Pro 2-Way RFX Bundle w/ LTE Module

  • 2-Way LED Remote

  • 2-Mile Max Range

  • Smartphone Control

  • Proximity Unlock

  • USB Rechargeable

  • IPX-7 Waterproof

The all-new PRO R5 includes Compustar's latest innovative features but with the classic 1-button design. This remote kit features Compustar's new Proximity Unlock feature for hands-free keyless entry.

This kit includes the powerful Drone X1 LTE module and a free 30-Day trial of DroneMobile Premium.
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Compustar PRO
Available in:

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Compact, Powerful

What's Included

Included with RFX-P2WR5-SF

  • 2WR5R-SF PRO R5 2-Way LED Remote

    (2) 2WR5R-SF

    Two PRO R5 2-Way LED Remotes

  • ANT-2WSF 2-Way SS Antenna with Proximity Unlock


    2-Way SS Antenna with Proximity Unlock

  • X1-LTE Drone X1 LTE/GPS Module


    Drone X1 LTE/GPS Module

  • USB Charging Cable Micro USB to USB-A

    USB Charging Cable

    Micro USB to USB-A

  • Thermistor FT-TEMP Temperature Sensor


    FT-TEMP Temperature Sensor

Included for Most Installs*

  • CM-X

    Universal Remote Start Control Module w/ Upgradeable Security

  • DAS-II Security Sensor

    4-in-1 Security Sensor

  • Alarm Siren

    105+db Alarm Siren

  • Theft-Deterrent LED

    Blue Security LED

  • E-LOCK Relay

    Engine Starter-Kill Relay


    Universal Bypass Module

* Packaged separately

Feature List

  • 2-Way LED Confirmation
  • 2-Way Alarm Alerts
  • 2-Mile Max Range
  • Smartphone Control
  • Proximity Unlock
  • USB Rechargeable
  • IPX-7 Waterproof
  • 2 x 2-Way Remotes
  • 3-Year PRO Warranty
  • Lock/Arm
  • Unlock/Disarm
  • Remote Start
  • 3X Lock Start (OEM Remote)
  • Security
  • Keyless Entry
  • OEM Alarm Control
  • Built-in Turbo Timer
  • Built-in Accelerometer
  • Dual-Stage Shock/Impact Sensor
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Glass-Break Sensor
  • Diesel-Engine Safe
  • Manual-Transmission Safe
  • Limited Lifetime System Warranty




27 Reviews

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Doesn’t start the engine

The remote start activates the cars accessories but does not turn on the engine. Also, I've been trying to download the Drone Mobile app (3Xs), which keeps telling me it will be installed soon. That was 7 days ago.



2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid




Verified Review



I had the RFX-P2WR5-SF (PRO R5 with LTE) installed on my old Toyota Venza and I have yet to find a reason to regret my purchase. Keep in mind that it is pricey! My only gripe is the one-month trial with Drone Mobile service but other than that I love it! I am used to other cars in my house having proximity unlock or touch to unlock and now I can just walk up to the car and not have to remember to unlock all the doors for others getting into the car with me. Minor gripe for others but seeing that I drive other cars quite a bit, I like it. Drone service is super quick. Within seconds of activating remote start, the vehicle is up and running. In contrast to using uConnect app with our other car and that can take up to a minute plus or just error out. Drone also allows you to share login/access with other members as well. Something that you cannot do with uConnect. The Drone app also gives you the ability to include additional button functions. I have no reason to pause at recommending this Remote Starter to anytone.



Toyota Venza





Awesome remote start!

I've had an excellent experience with this remote start. The doors unlock when you approach the vehicle. The range is great. I recommend this to anyone looking for an aftermarket remote start.

Don L


Toyota 4Runner 2019




Verified Review


Ultimate Peace of Mind: Compustar Car Security System Delivers Excellence

If you're serious about protecting your vehicle and ensuring your peace of mind, look no further than the Compustar Car Security System. I recently had the privilege of installing this remarkable system in my own car, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed.||First and foremost, the Compustar system boasts cutting-edge technology that sets it apart from the competition. With its advanced remote start and keyless entry features, I can start my car and unlock it from the comfort of my home, ensuring a toasty interior on cold mornings and effortless access in any situation.||Experience unparalleled peace of mind with the Compustar Car Security System. This cutting-edge system delivers exceptional security and convenience features that are truly a game-changer.

Sourav B


Toyota C-HR 2021




Verified Review


Excellent Product

I am amazed with the product and its performance. Has excellent range. Battery life is excellent. I am really happy with the product i bought.

Naveen K


Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited 2013




Verified Review

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