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How Hot Can a Car Get?

Summer is here – which means summer vacation, sunny weather, long days, and ice cream! However, all of these things also mean HOT, HOT, HOT weather.

Hot weather is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous – especially inside of a vehicle. Did you know that the inside of a car can get 30º hotter than the outside within 30 minutes?!

How Hot Can a Car Get?


Outside Temp (F)

Inside Temp (F)

10min 30min
70º 89º 104º
75º 94º 109º
80º 99º 114º
85º 104º 119º
90º 109º 124º
95º 114º 120º

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Why does this happen? When sun rays enter a vehicle, it not only heats up the air inside of your vehicle, but it also heats up your seats, your steering wheel, and that piece of chocolate you are saving for later. 🙁 As these things are heated, they radiate additional heat that gets trapped inside of your vehicle, raising the inside temperature of the vehicle significantly.

Because of this, it is CRUCIAL that you do NOT leave any child or pet inside of a vehicle on a day that is 65ºF or hotter under ANY circumstance. While the outside temperature may be comfortable, the inside of your vehicle will quickly turn into an oven and a hazard to any passengers who may not be able to easily exit the vehicle.

What if I Keep My Windows Cracked Open?

While cracking the windows may release some of the air pressure inside of your vehicle, the hottest air inside your vehicle is rising towards the roof. Unless there is a strong breeze, there is nothing pushing or pulling that hot air outside. Thus, cracking open your windows will only make a small difference in temperature.


How Can I Cool Down My Vehicle in Hot Weather?

Here are some options for keeping your car cool during the summer, ranked from easiest to most advanced.

Option 1: Park in the Shade

park in the shade

Keeps the entire car cool.
The sun moves, doesn’t work all day.
Not always available – limits parking options.


Option 2: Get a Sunscreen

Keeps sun from entering the windshield.
Relatively inexpensive.
Doesn’t keep the entire car cool.
Doesn’t actually cool down the vehicle, only prevents overheating.
Not all sunscreens look great.


Option 3: Install a Remote Starter

computer remote start

Works in HOT and COLD weather.
Cools down the entire car within 5 minutes.
You can remote start from extended range with Compustar.
Works with most vehicles.
More expensive, depending on your car.
Consumes a very small amount of fuel.


If you are considering Option 3, Compustar Remote Starters are the #1 choice of installers in North America. Compustar Remote Starters are all backed by a Limited Lifetime System Warranty and can be controlled from your factory remote, a long-range aftermarket remote, or your smartphone with DroneMobile!

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