Nissan Remote Start Compustar
Nissan Remote Start Compustar

Nissan Remote Start System

Remote Start & Security for Nissan 2000+


Adds remote start and keyless entry features to select Nissan models from 2000+. Featuring "factory fit" installation for select Nissan models.

Works with most model years of Nissan Altima, NV Series, Rogue, Titan, and many more! See below for full Nissan vehicle coverage by year.

Contact an Authorized Compustar Retailer near you today to request pricing and confirm compatibility with your vehicle. Vehicle compatibility is always subject to change.


System Features

  • Remote Start
  • 3X Lock Start (OEM Remote)
  • Keyless Entry
  • Security Upgradeable
  • Factory Fit Installation
  • Built-in Turbo Timer
  • Battery Backup Input
  • Heated Mirror Control
  • Limited Lifetime System Warranty
  • No Keys required for Install
  • Works with any Compustar remote kit

Vehicle Coverage


Key Features


Fit for Your Nissan

Compustar systems utilize vehicle-specific firmware to speak directly with your Nissan vehicle's internal computer. This powerful connection allows you control your vehicle's factory features with your Compustar remote or DroneMobile App.

• Arm your vehicle's OEM alarm
• Control your vehicle's heated mirrors (if available)
• Open automatic sliding side doors
• Monitor your hood, door, and trunk status on DroneMobile

Compustar vs. Nissan Factory

Even if you have a newer Nissan that comes with remote start, there are many advantages to upgrading with Compustar!

Max Remote Range
Up to 3 Miles
Up to 200 Feet
Vehicle Coverage
Most Nissan models 2000-Present
Select Nissan models 2019 or newer
System Warranty
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Same as Vehicle Warranty
Remote/Fob Warranty
1-3 Years Remote Warranty
Up to 12 Months
Remote Start
Keyless Entry
2-Way Confirmation
2-Way Alarm Alerts
Manual/Standard Trans. Safe
Smartphone Control App
(Starting at $3.99/mo)
(Starting at $11.99/mo)
Compatible Icon Compustar

Industry-Leading Coverage

From the Nissan Altima to the Nissan 370Z, Compustar offers the industry's best vehicle coverage for remote start and security. Trust the brand with the most experience and contact an Authorized Compustar Dealer today!

Nissan Remote Start Reviews

A+ Product

This is perfect for anyone who would like a car starter without paying a fortune! I bought this for my son's 2012 Nissan Altima and it works perfectly!

- Verified Review by "Simmons" via

Great and Reliable

I've had this same one on my 2007 Nissan Titan. It worked flawlessly for the 2 years that I've had it. It worked so well that I just bought 2 more for Chevrolet Colorado trucks. Contrary to what others have told me about remote starters having issues, I have never had a problem with mine.

- Verified Review by "Detective" via

Hardware Options

While your Authorized Dealer will determine what hardware best fits your Nissan, here are some Hardware Options for adding advanced remote start and security to your vehicle.

Control Modules

CMX Compustar Remote Start & Car Alarm Security Control Module

Universal Remote Start Control Module

DC3 Remote Start Control Module

Universal Remote Start Control Module


Compustar Remote Upgrade Kits
Remote Upgrade Kits

Upgrade your range and add 2-way confirmation.

Learn More >
DAS Security Sensor

Shock/Tilt/Glass-Break Sensor

Learn More >
DroneMobile X1MAX

LTE/GPS Smartphone Control

Learn More >

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase and install a remote starter for my Nissan?

I don't see my Nissan model or model year listed. Is it compatible with Compustar remote start?

Can I use my Nissan's factory remote to start my car?

Will adding a remote start void my Nissan's factory warranty?

Can I add Compustar remotes or DroneMoible to my Nissan's factory remote starter?

What is a Control Module?

The control module is the device that is installed inside your vehicle and adds remote start functionality.

Does it matter which Compustar Control Module I purchase?

In most cases, no. All of our control modules are built with high-quality components and go through rigorous testing to provide the best remote start experience for you and your vehicle.

For certain vehicles, such as manual-transmissions, diesels, or European makes, your installer will need to use a specific control module to ensure seamless integration with your vehicle.

What is "Factory Fit Installation?"

Compustar offers "factory fit" installation t-harnesses that have factory-style connectors that plug right into your vehicle.

While "factory fit" t-harnesses greatly streamline installation, you should still trust a professional with your remote start install. Learn more about t-harnesses here.

Can I upgrade my Accessories later on?

Yes! You can always re-visit your place of installation to upgrade your system's remotes or add security sensors.

Which remotes are compatible with my Compustar system?

If your Compustar system was installed in the past 12 years, you can add any remote kit to your system.

Please note: some remote kits may offer functionality that is not supported on older control modules (e.g. Proximity Unlock on PRO T13 and PRO R5).

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