BMW Remote Start Compustar
BMW Remote Start Compustar

BMW Remote Start System

Remote Start for BMW Models 2005-2016

Model: CMBMXA0

Adds remote start and keyless entry features to select BMW models from 2005-2016. "Factory fit" vehicle specific hardware and t-harnesses required.

Works with select BMW models, including X1, X5, Z4, and 3 Series. Please see below for full vehicle coverage.

Contact an Authorized Compustar Retailer near you today to request pricing and confirm compatibility with your vehicle. Vehicle compatibility is always subject to change.


System Features

  • Remote Start
  • 3X Lock Start (OEM Remote)
  • Keyless Entry
  • Factory Fit Installation
  • OEM Alarm Control
  • Tailgate Window Release
  • Vehicle-Specific Hardware Required
  • Works with any Compustar remote kit

Vehicle Coverage


Key Features

BMW Fob Remote Start

Works with Your BMW

Compustar remote starters use vehicle-specific firmware to speak directly with your BMW vehicle's internal computer. This powerful connection also allows your Compustar system to safely control many factory features from your Compustar long-range remote or the DroneMobile App.

• Arm your vehicle's OEM alarm
• Control your vehicle's heated mirrors
• Pop your trunk
• Monitor your hood, door, and trunk status


"Factory Fit" Installation

Compustar remote start installation on BMW vehicles requires vehicle-specific components by iDatastart®. These components use factory-style connectors to eliminate unnecessary wire cuts during installation, ensuring the integrity of your BMW vehicle's internal wiring.

BMW Remote Start Reviews

compustar 5 star review

Amazing on cold days!

Very happy so far! Upgrading to the DroneMobile phone app soon for better range. At this point, I am not sure why I waited as long as I did to buy???

- Verified Review by "Demad" via

compustar 5 star review


Works very well!! Much less expensive than the factory remote start.

- Verified Review by "Midge" via

Hardware Options

While your Authorized Dealer will determine what hardware best fits your BMW, here are some Hardware Options for adding advanced remote start and security to your vehicle.

Control Modules

CMBMXA0 Remote Start for BMW Mini

(Required) Remote Start for BMW by iDatastart®


ADS-THR-BM1 T-Harness for BMW
BM1 T-Harness

(Required) BMW Remote Starter by iDatastart®

Compustar Remote Upgrade Kits
Remote Upgrade Kits

Upgrade your range and add 2-way confirmation.

Learn More >
DroneMobile X1MAX

LTE/GPS Smartphone Control

Learn More >

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase and install a remote starter for my BMW?

I don't see my BMW model or model year listed. Is it compatible with Compustar remote start?

Can I use my BMW's factory remote to start my car?

Will adding a remote start void my BMW's factory warranty?

Can I add Compustar remotes or DroneMoible to my BMW's factory remote starter?

What is a Control Module?

The control module is the device that is installed inside your vehicle and adds remote start functionality.

Does it matter which Compustar Control Module I purchase?

In most cases, no. All of our control modules are built with high-quality components and go through rigorous testing to provide the best remote start experience for you and your vehicle.

For certain vehicles, such as manual-transmissions, diesels, or European makes, your installer will need to use a specific control module to ensure seamless integration with your vehicle.

What is "Factory Fit Installation?"

Compustar offers "factory fit" installation t-harnesses that have factory-style connectors that plug right into your vehicle.

While "factory fit" t-harnesses greatly streamline installation, you should still trust a professional with your remote start install. Learn more about t-harnesses here.

Can I upgrade my Accessories later on?

Yes! You can always re-visit your place of installation to upgrade your system's remotes or add security sensors.

Which remotes are compatible with my Compustar system?

If your Compustar system was installed in the past 12 years, you can add any remote kit to your system.

Please note: some remote kits may offer functionality that is not supported on older control modules (e.g. Proximity Unlock on PRO T13 and PRO R5).

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