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Automotive security experts have voted Compustar the Top Vendor of Security & Convenience Solutions for 5 years running. Whether you own the car of your dreams or one that meets your needs, protect your vehicle with the industry's best car alarm!

Compustar 2-way Two-Way Car Alarm Security System

The Compustar Difference

When it comes to auto theft, prevention is key. Compustar is not a predictable, cookie cutter car alarm. It’s a highly customizable system that you can adjust according to your car security needs. We provide you with powerful hardware that deters car theft, 2-way communication with the vehicle, and advanced car security alerts.

About Compustar
compustar firstech das-ii ft-das-ii security sensor

Vehicle Anti-Theft Features

Secure your vehicle and possessions with with an upgraded Compustar alarm system, designed to prevent and detect all forms of intrusion and motor-theft.

The two pieces of hardware that are the core of Compustar’s anti-theft protection are the DAS-II and the theft deterrent LED. The LED lets car thieves know your vehicle is expertly protected. The DAS-II is a 4-in-1 security sensor that detects glass-break, impact, tilt, and vehicle movement.

2-way two-way car alarm alerts

2-Way Alarm Notifications

Compustar 2-way remotes provide instant command confirmation whenever you communicate with your vehicle, and also send you valuable security alerts. You will never have to double-check your door locks again!

If your shock sensors or alarm are triggered, you’ll instantly be alerted via your Compustar 2-way remote.

DroneMobile Smartphone Car Alarm

Smartphone Connectivity

All Compustar alarm systems are compatible with DroneMobile! DroneMobile adds GPS tracking and unlimited-range smartphone control to your vehicle. In the event that your vehicle is towed, stolen, taken on a "joy-ride", or broken into, you will receive an instant alert with GPS location info!

To add DroneMobile to your Compustar alarm, you will need a Drone X1 Telematics Module. Most Compustar 2-way systems now include this module, along with 30-day free trial!

How Much Does a Car Alarm Cost?

Get an award-winning car alarm without breaking the bank. Compustar Car Alarm systems start at around $159.99-$249.99*, which includes:

• Security Module
• Theft-Deterrent LED
• Dual-Stage Impact Sensor
• (2) 1-Way Remote FOBs
• Starter-Kill Relay
• Professional Installation
• Limited Lifetime Warranty, 1-Year Remote Warranty

* Pricing varies by vehicle make, model, and year.

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  • security icon Security
  • 1 way icon 1-Way Remote
  • range icon 3000′ Max Range


  • security icon Security
  • remote start icon Remote Start
  • 1 way icon 1-Way Remote
  • Average range icon 1500′ Max Range


  • security icon Security
  • 2 way icon 2-Way LCD Remote
  • Smartphone control icon Smartphone Control
  • alarm alerts icon 2-Way Alarm Alerts

CSX9900-AS, CSXP9900-AS

  • remote start icon Remote Start
  • security icon Security
  • Smartphone control icon Smartphone Control
  • alarm alerts icon 2-Way Alarm Alerts
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes The Car Alarm Go Off?

Your system triggers depend on what type of system you have installed. Here are the triggers for specific system components:

  • Alarm siren
    If an intrusion is detected (door opened while locked), the vehicle’s alarm will sound to alert those nearby.
  • Impact detection
    Compustar’s dual-stage shock sensors detect two levels of impact – both of which provide unique warning chirps from the alarm siren.
  • Glass break sensor
    The DAS-II glass break sensors operate via built-in microphones that can be easily adjusted to your desired level of sensitivity.
  • Tilt sensor
    The tilt sensor calibrates every time you arm your system. If the DAS detects 1-2º tilt in any direction, the alarm siren will sound.
  • Starter-kill
    While your system is armed, Compustar will safely disable your vehicle’s starter until you disarm your system from the Compustar remote.

If you have a 2-way remote or a Drone, you’ll receive a security alert each time your system is triggered.

How Do I Buy A Car Alarm System For My Vehicle?

Compustar offers high-quality accessories and complete security systems. We sell our products through a vast network of Authorized Retailers.

You can start the buying process by inputting your vehicle info through the system builder on our website. Once you know your car is compatible, you can choose the products you’re interested in and reach out to your local retailer for a custom quote.

Are Compustar Car Alarms Compatible With My Vehicle?

Here are a few ways for you to check if your vehicle is compatible:

  • Input your vehicle info into the Compustar System Builder.
    The system builder will let you know if your vehicle is compatible, and then you choose your system specifics from there. At the end of the process, you can submit a form to get a quote from a local dealer.
  • Give your local Authorized Dealer a call.
    Your local Compustar Installer will be able to help you find the best system and accessories for your vehicle. This way, you’ll already be in contact with your dealer and can easily set up a time for the installation.

How Do I Install A Car Alarm On My Vehicle?

Compustar does not condone DIY installs by non-experienced/certified installers. For individuals with advanced skill sets, an online resource like is a great place to learn the fundamentals of car alarm installation.

As a general overview, installing a car alarm requires the following components:

  • Control module/brain
    A device that sends/receives signals to/from your vehicle.
  • Remote
    A remote/fob used to arm/disarm your security system.
  • Siren/horn output
    Emits loud noises to scare away thieves and alert potential witnesses when triggered.
  • Miscellaneous wiring harnesses

What Is A 2-Way Car Alarm?

2-way means that, when your security system is triggered, you’ll receive an instant alert to your remote or smartphone with details about that event. This feature gives you more control over your car security, because you don’t have to rely solely on the car alarm to know someone is tampering with your vehicle.

Pair your Compustar security system with any of our 2-way LCD remotes or DroneMobile for 2-way communication with your system.

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