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Compustar LT 700R solo remote FT Shock Sensor and Siren
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All-in-One Security Bundle

Model: VS70-AL

200-ft max range alarm bundle with two 1-way remotes. Includes CM2305 control module, shock sensor, siren, LED, and ELOCK starter-kill relay. DroneMobile-ready for telematics/tracking from smartphone.

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System Features

  • Keyless Entry
  • Security
  • 200' Max Range
  • 2 x 1-Way Remotes
  • Dual-Stage Shock/Impact Sensor
  • Theft-Deterrent LED
  • 105dB+ Alarm Siren Included
  • 1-Year Remote Warranty

Key Features

Intelligent Security Sensors

The VS70-AL is capable of adding door, hood, trunk, and impact sensors all around your vehicle to detect intrusion into your vehicle.

What is an "ELOCK Relay"

The E-LOCK relay included in the VS70-AL functions as a "starter-kill", which prevents your vehicle from being driven while your security system is armed; thus preventing auto-theft/carjacking.

The Loudest Siren

The alarm siren included in the VS70-AL features a speaker that gets as loud as 105+dB; capable of scaring away intruders and alerting those nearby.

Connects to Your Smartphone

Add DroneMobile to your VS70-AL security system to gain unlimited range control and push notifications whenever your alarm is triggered.

Learn More about DroneMobile

Dronemobile stay secure
Add 2-Way Alerts

Pair your VS70-AL security system with any Compustar 2-way LCD remote kit, like the PRIME T10, to receive instant alarm alerts if your system is triggered.

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