Protect Your Car From Motor Theft with an Automotive Security System

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If you are a vehicle owner, you most likely worry about motor vehicle theft when you lock up and walk away from your car each day. Those fears are validated because, in the past two years, motor vehicle theft rates have bounced back – increasing 10%. “Smash and grab” car break-ins are still a frequent occurrence across North America; particularly plaguing drivers in metropolitan cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and Philadelphia (Insurance Information Institute, Thankfully, an automotive security system can help protect your vehicle from motor theft. 

While the introduction of “smart key” fobs has widely eliminated motor theft via hot-wiring, thieves are continuing to cost drivers billions of dollars a year in damage and stolen goods. In 2016 alone, $5.9 billion was lost due to motor vehicle theft and intrusion. Thus, it is absolutely essential that drivers do whatever they can to deter, detect, and prevent theft of their vehicles.

The above diagram outlines the basic security features that come standard for a vehicle.

Keyless Entry – Most vehicles today come standard with a remote key fob that allows drivers to conveniently lock and unlock your doors from 30-40 feet away. While the vehicle is locked, your vehicle will monitor your doors – so if someone manages to open the door from the inside, the alarm will be triggered.
Alarm – If an intrusion is detected (door opened while locked), the vehicle’s alarm will start to sound, alerting people nearby. Most standard security systems that come with vehicles simply use the vehicle’s horn.

Are the above two features sufficient for protecting your vehicle?

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The above diagram outlines the advanced security features of Compustar systems.

Advanced Keyless Entry – All Compustar security systems include remote fobs that provide superior range, starting at 1000 feet all the way up to 3-miles.
Impact Detection – Compustar security systems include dual-stage shock sensors that detect two levels of impact – both of which provide unique warning chirps from the alarm siren.
Theft-Deterrent LED – If your vehicle has Compustar installed, your installer technician will place a small LED near the front of the vehicle. While your system is armed and doors are locked, this LED will blink a bright blue light – signaling to car thieves that your vehicle is protected by Compustar. Thieves will know better than to mess with your vehicle and will move on.
Starter-Kill – The ultimate solution for eliminating car theft. While your system is armed, Compustar will safely disable your vehicle’s starter until you disarm your system from the Compustar remote. Even if a thief manages to get a copy of your vehicle’s key, they won’t be able to start the engine until the Compustar security system is disarmed.
Tilt Sensor – As inconvenient as “smash and grab” can be, you know what’s worse? Getting your wheels stolen. When you’re shopping for a Compustar security system, make sure to request for the DAS. The DAS has a built-in tilt sensor that calibrates every time you lock and arm your vehicle. If the DAS detects 1-2º tilt in any direction, the alarm siren will sound. Learn More about DAS >
2-Way Alerts – Simple question: would you rather know or not know if your vehicle is being stolen/broken into? If you answered “know”, you need a Compustar. Pair your Compustar security system with any of our 2-way LCD remotes or our smartphone application, DroneMobile, and you will be alerted as soon as your alarm is triggered. Learn More about Drone >
Alarm Siren – Our alarm siren is really loud. In most vehicles, Compustar installers will place the siren so that it is loudest inside of the vehicle, ensuring that anyone messing with your vehicle will have a terrible experience doing so.

How Much Does a Compustar Security System Cost?

Upgrading your vehicle’s security doesn’t have to be a bank-breaker. In fact, Compustar alarm installation starts at around $199.99, depending on the year/make/model of your vehicle. We highly recommend using our dealer locator and selecting an authorized dealer near you – in order to ensure that all components of your security system are properly installed, tested, and configured.

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Final Thoughts

Compustar security systems equip vehicles with security features that detect, deter, and prevent motor theft. In addition, if your vehicle’s security system is ever triggered, Compustar offers 2-way LCD remotes and a smartphone app that will alert you as soon as intrusion occurs.

While there isn’t a solution that will prevent 100% of theft (aside from having Joe, the 7ft. tall bouncer, wait by your vehicle 24/7), we can assure you that you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that Compustar has your back.

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