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Firstech Wins Top Vendor Award (Again!)

Every year, the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (or MERA) organizes thousands of 12-volt retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to meet in Dallas, Texas for one of the industry’s largest and most prestigious trade shows: Knowledgefest.

Knowledgefest, which is held every August right before the start of “remote start” season, provides a diverse platform for people from all over the country to network, train, and/or be trained. And every year, the event culminates in the much anticipated Mobile Electronics Industry Award. Firstech was nominated for the Top Vendor Award for Security and Convenience Solutions after winning the same award last year in 2014.

As part of the nomination process, we were asked to submit a profile of our company’s values.

Long story short, we won!. Our team of Wade Beebe, Rob Sanden, Cory Stocklin, and Tanner Wilson (pictured above), were present at the event in Dallas to receive the award.

As excited as we are about these awards, we are also greatly humbled. We fully understand that there are still so many opportunities to grow and improve, and we are so grateful to the thousands of retail and distribution partners that have helped us along the way. Thanks you for your support!