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DroneMobile X1R (Canada)

LTE + GPS for Canada

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DroneMobile X1R (Canada)

LTE + GPS for Canada

Add DroneMobile smartphone control and GPS tracking to any Compustar remote start and security system. Built-in backup battery for added security. Powered by LTE for industry-leading coverage and reliability. For Canadian customers only. Free 30-Day Premium Trial included.

X1R is compatible with all Compustar remote start and security systems. Learn more about DroneMobile >
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What's Included

Included with X1R-LTE

  • X1R-LTE Drone X1 LTE/GPS Module


    Drone X1 LTE/GPS Module

Feature List

  • Remote Start
  • Keyless Entry
  • Security
  • 2-Way Alarm Alerts
  • Smartphone Control
  • GPS Tracking
  • Points of Interest
  • Lock/Arm
  • Unlock/Disarm
  • Trunk Release
  • AUX Control
  • Panic/Siren




39 Reviews

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Drone Gps

I used the Drone X1 for Gps tracking only, The car was for my son and I needed to keep track on him for speed and locations. This unit was perfect for what I needed and very cost effective.

Austin N.  | 02/14/2024  |  Verified Review


Alarm and remote start

I absolutely love my remote start and alarm system. I am an installation technician, and after installing several compustar products for customers I knew I had to invest in a remote start/ alarm system for my personal vehicle. I really enjoy having the opportunity to install compustar and first tech equipment let alone having the chance to work with the phenomenal tech support, whom I believe are the absolute best. These guys 1000% know their stuff and are completely willing to walk someone through the process of installing and programming their equipment. I will continue to use their products on my personal vehicles and also recommend them to any customers in the future.

Jacob C.  | 2017 Subaru BRZ  | 02/04/2024  |  Verified Review


It’s better than the Viper I had on my last truck…

Differences in how the software handles the handheld remote and the Drone Mobile phone remote-start are annoying; the Drone Mobile/phone app seems to lag in updating status. The ""uptime"" touted by Firstech are meaningless when one needs the phone functionality and it doesn't work. Tech sup[port sometimes responds and don't offer much in the way of support. There are many options available and the installer may not discuss those with a customer before installation, so one needs to do his own research prior to installation.

Carl K.  | 2023 RAM TRX  | 02/03/2024  |  Verified Review


Drone saves me every time

Drone saves me from when i walk outside and forgot my keys. just gotta open the app and boom got it.

Daniel L.  | 2015 GMC Sierra  | 02/02/2024  |  Verified Review


Remote start and drone

Works well starter and smartphone controls

jake h.  | Pre-2000 Cadillac Cadillac  | 02/02/2024  |  Verified Review

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