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Firstech is an award-winning maker of Compustar remote car starters and security systems. For the past 20 years, our company has focused on creating innovative solutions for enhancing driver safety, comfort, and convenience.

A Connected Car Company

First-to-Market Innovations

Firstech has continued to be a leading innovator in the mobile electronics industry, being the first-to-market with several game-changing technologies.

• First 2-way LCD remote starter (1998)
• First “spread spectrum” remote starter with 1-mile of range (2007)
• First on-board bypass integration module (2009)
• First to update aftermarket telematics modules over the air using 3G (2013)
• First IPX-7 waterproof 2-way LCD remote starter (PRO T11, 2015)
• First 2-way remote transmitter with proximity-unlocking (PRO T13, 2020)


The Installer's Choice

Firstech seeks to make remote start and security solutions that are equally installer-friendly as they are user-friendly. Each of our systems are made with high-quality components that improve the installation experience and overall product reliability. This is made possible by our award-winning technical support team listening closely to our installers' feedback in the field.

firstech awards

Award-Winning Products & Services

Automotive security experts have voted Compustar the Top Vendor of Security & Convenience Solutions for 6 years running. Every year, we strive for excellence in product development, customer/vendor relations, and end-user product experience.

• 6x Top Vendor Award by Mobile Electronics Association
• 5x Innovations Honoree at CES Las Vegas
• Seattle Business Magazine's Top 100 Places to Work (2015)

Telematics Leader

Along with Compustar, Firstech is the maker of DroneMobile, the award-winning smartphone app that allows you remote start, secure, and track your vehicle from anywhere!

All Compustar remote start and security systems are compatible with DroneMobile hardware for adding LTE connectivity. In fact, Compustar 2-way kits include this LTE hardware in the box! Synergy, yeah!


Dealer Testimonials

We have been privileged to work with many of the top 12-volt installers and retailers in the country. Here are some kind words they have shared.

Matt Everett, Unique Audio

From the initial buy-in to the day-to- day operation, the reps and tech support team are always helpful and quick to respond.

Allen Frieze, The Stereo Store

Not only does our store sell the product, but all of our employees have Compustar in their own personal vehicles. The support we receive is by far better than any other manufacturer.

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