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The industry's leading remote start and security solutions - Compustar offers best in class features, vehicle compatibility, reliability, and customer service to keep you and your vehicle safe and comfortable.

What is the Best Remote Starter?

The best remote starter is the one that best fits YOUR needs. Answer these questions and watch this video to find the Compustar remote start and alarm system that is right for you.

1. What kind of vehicle do you drive?
2. How much range do you need?
3. Do you need 2-way confirmation?

CM7000-AS featuring web programmability and best in class remote start and security features.

The Installer's Choice

Compustar systems are all web-programmable and updatable, making it easier than ever for your Authorized Installer to tune your system to fit your exact needs.

Want 45min extended remote start runtime? No problem.
Want to control sliding doors? That's easy.
Drive a stick-shift? We've got the safest solution.
Need 4 remotes for everyone in the family? Sure, you can do it all with Compustar.

KLON technology makes it possible to add remote start to your vehicle without surrendering a key!

Do I Have to Give Up a Key?

Compustar remote car starters use a proprietary technology called KLON to mimic your car's key signal to securely start your engine without the key being physically present in the vehicle.

If your vehicle supports KLON, a key is not required for remote start installation - one of the many things that sets Compustar apart!

Upgrade your Compustar system after you purchase a new system.

Maximum Upgradeability

Our systems are built to last. Even after your Compustar installation, you can upgrade your features at any time without replacing your system.

So whether you want to add smartphone control, security sensors, or extended range to your remote starter, Compustar has you covered!

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Compustar Firstech is an award winning remote start and security manufacturer.

Award-Winning Products & Services

We here at Compustar are proud of the numerous awards and honors we've received over the years:

  • 6x Top Vendor Award by Mobile Electronics Association
  • 5x Innovations Honoree at CES Las Vegas
  • Seattle Business Magazine's Top 100 Places to Work (2015)

Compustar systems are compatible and tested for over 90% of vehicles on the road.

Will Compustar Work with My Vehicle?

Each Compustar product is designed, engineered, and tested for seamless installation in over 90% of vehicles - including cars with manual transmissions, diesel engines, and luxury models.

Compustar also offers "vehicle-specific" solutions for certain cars to streamline the number of connections required for installation.

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A Network of Customer Support

With an extensive network of dealers, representatives, and our in-house client services experts and technicians, we provide our users with a vast network of support. Whether you visit a local Authorized Installer or call our team, you will get help from a Compustar expert.

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How to Buy Compustar

We have 2,000 Authorized Dealers (and counting!) of our products throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our Authorized Retailers provide professional Installation Services with the support of our in-house technicians, and PRO Dealers grant you access to premium products.

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