Compustar Remote Starters will activate your vehicle's air conditioning, making it comfortable AND safe.

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Don't Drive in an oven

In extreme heat and direct sunlight, your vehicle's inside temperature can potentially be 20° hotter than the outside temperature due to air pressure and ventilation.

Compustar remote starters will activate your A/C, which will not only cool down your vehicle, but will reduce the "stuffy" feeling that you often get when you first enter a hot vehicle.

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2-way Remote Start

Make sure to check out our 2-way remote starters, which provide instant visual confirmation when you successfully start your vehicle from extended range.

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Use Your Smartphone

All Compustar remote starters are compatible with DroneMobile smartphone control, which gives you the ability to remote start your car from virtually anywhere.

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Compustar remote starters are installed in over 2,000 retail locations across North America. Contact a PRO retailer today to gain access to the best products, warranty, and services.

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