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I'm not a mechanic but I know my way around my vehicle to fix most things. If your vehicle has never had a remote start you'll need a pro to install this. There are no instructions on the box when I received it. I had looked up this start kit on compustar website and for my vehicle it said all I needed was I wiring harness to install. I took it to a local mechanic who's certified in my vehicle, and they couldn't install it. I needed more parts. So I took it to a pro installer and had to get what they called a blade for this to be installed. After spending another Benjamin on that and almost 250 in labor I have my remote start installed.

Using it is simple, press the button to lock or unlock, press and hold to start the engine. It has a 15 minute timer to shut off the engine. Not sure if that can be reduced or extended, the timer was the same in my previous vehicle so that works for me. It also locks the doors when it starts the engine which is a bonus my previous vehicle didn't have. And it has the safety feature to kill the engine if the brake is pressed before the key is turned to the on position.

Very happy with this purchase. The 2 way remote beeps at you when you lock or unlock the doors and plays a chime when the engine starts to let you know that action has been completed. The lights on the remote will flash every 30 seconds or so to remind you the engine is running.

So happy I got this, b the day after it was installed we had a cold spell, single digits temps and a couple days of negative temps in the mornings. I didn't have to go out and freeze to start my Jeep. The 3000 ft range is strong enough to start the Jeep in my detached garage from my recliner.