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This was purchased for my wife's 2015 RX 350. Lexus did away with the 3G remote start and we really wanted this feature because in the summer it's been 105 and in the winter it's been as cold as negative numbers. This will allow us to start the car and cool it down or warm it up without having to sit in there. What's nice is you could be in your office and point the remote out the window and it'll start up to 3000 feet away. What a great investment for your vehicle. Installation went smoothly, Best buy really took care of the vehicle. We end up getting this with the free installation and that just made it even more of a value. What was a nice little bonus is that the factory remote will also remote start now because of this so you don't have to carry around the second remote if you don't want it, the only downside is you don't get the range that you would with the second remote.