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I have the Compustar alarm with Drone mobile. I have had it about 3 weeks. Installer did a fantastic job. I like the alarm system but there is one notable glitch. I have the T13 remote with Proximity Unlock (enabled) so the doors unlock and alarm is disabled when you approach the car. Love that feature. The system also has Passive Arming which automatically locks the doors after a set time after the vehicle is turned off. Both great features but they create an endless loop of locking/unlocking and chirping the horn if you sit inside your car. These two features don’t work together. Imagine going to a Drive-In movie and your doors lock and unlock over and over and the horn chirping each time! CompuStar support acknowledges the issue but won’t offer any resolution. Secondly, the shock sensor is super sensitive. That’s great and you want it to be sensitive, but thunder sets it off. In another case after I parked, the shock sensor started triggering alerts as I walked away with nothing around the car. On the Drone Mobile phone app and T13 remote menu options, there is no way to adjust sensitivity other than turning the shock sensor off.