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My last car was stolen by thieves that cracked the back window dove inside and then programmed a new key via the OBD2 port. It was news to me that a broken back window would not set off the factory alarms. Got a new ride a few days after insurance payout and go the T13 and Alarm system installed the next day at one of the PRO dealers near me. The PRO Dealers do charge a lot for what is basically a 90 minute job (i was charged $450) but i was able to get the set i wanted and have it installed immediately so worth the extra cost in my case.

I didn't really need a remote starter but i am kind of liking the app and fob and being able to start my car from my apartment when i'm parked a block or two away. Has not let me down yet and will come in very handy as the cold winter weather approaches. Overall, highly recommended!