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I can't express how much I love my CompuStar! I had CompuStar many moons ago, moved onto Viper with SmartStart and finally, came back home to CompuStar with DroneMobile. I purchased the T13 for my FJ Cruiser. I absolutely enjoy the proximity unlock and love the thin remote. It's not bulky like many other key fobs out there. The signal reaches quite far compared to any of my previous remotes. If I forget something or need to just run in somewhere real quick, remote starting the vehicle is my preferred method vs having to shut off the engine and restarting. I feel absolutely safe knowing my FJ Cruiser has DroneMobile so I can track it, make sure it's locked and monitor the voltage if not being driven for days wherever it may be. I have noticed one thing though. The battery in the remote is an issue in cold and lower temperatures.