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Having no prior experience with a remote start, this was installed on my vehicle. Overall, I would give it 4 stars so far (it was a gift from my husband, I like it enough that I wouldn't return it, but I wouldn't have purchased it for myself) after about a month. + Remote start option generally works from where I am trying to start the vehicle + Seems to actually go longer than the time limit the installer communicated + Makes the interior of my vehicle warmer when I get to it ? I assume it will clear ice from my windshield effectively (haven't really had a chance to try that out yet) - Remote audio chirps are pretty loud - I did not trust that it was keeping my vehicle securely locked so changed the settings to remove the automatic proximity unlock (original setting didn't allow me to lock my vehicle and walk away, either) - Wasn't able to do a second remote start (I assumed with the shorter time, I could do a second round if needed) - maybe there is a time requirement between? (Maybe the vehicle needed to be off for at least 60 seconds before I could remote start it for another cycle?) - Install resulted in a big chunk of plastic (I assume a sensor) going on my windshield near the rear view mirror. This was not communicated at all, and I don't know if it could have been placed elsewhere, but it is a distraction and I wish it wasn't located where they put it. - Using the remote start decreases my fuel mileage (which wasn't awesome to begin with) Overall, seems like it will be a good thing, and I was thankful I had it on the days that the temps were 9 degrees below zero (before factoring in wind chill), as it was nice to get in a pre-warmed vehicle. It will just take me more time to get more used to it.