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I've had a remote start on my vehicles for over 15 years. All different brands. They were all ""ok"". Nothing crazy, not amazing range, heck the 2 way functionality didn't work all the time. My most recent vehicle had a remote start in that I (thought I) loved. Then I heard about the T13. When I saw that the T13 had triple the range of my current remote start, came with the ability to start off the phone, and had proximity unlock, I had to check this out. My local dealer had the T13 on display and it looked so awesome! The color screen, the fact that it showed me a car, truck, or an SUV depending on what I drove. It even tells you interior temperature and your battery voltage! Then the salesperson pulled out his phone and showed me Drone Mobile. I was sold right then and there, but I was really curious about the proximity part. He showed me how it worked on his vehicle and I was blown away. Not only did it unlock when he got about 6 feet away from the vehicle, he had also set it up to lock as soon as he walked away! I booked an appointment and got it installed the next day. It is the best remote start I have ever had! 15 out of 10!!