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I have had my T11/Drone remote start and alarm system installed for about 8 years now. It was previously installed into my Dodge Durango where it worked flawlessly. I was in an accident which totaled the Durango so I then removed the system and installed it into my Mitsubishi where it still works flawlessly 6 years later. The T11 remote is second to none. It is solid, the charge lasts me 4-5 weeks and it is virtually indestructible. I toss my keys around with no regard to objects near me, they fall to the ground from stories above and I have NEVER had to replace this remote. The Drone system is incredible. Being as lazy as I am, I do not want to walk downstairs to grab my keys to start my car in the mornings while getting ready. So being able to tap a button from my bathroom and hear the engine start and now I am getting in a warm (or cold in the summer) car is all I really need in life.