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I live in a hoa. My home is well over a thousand feet from my car. My home is a block design, There are other homes blocking my view of the car also block construction.|I got this for in the winter when taking the dog to the park. Warm up and clear windows, before we get there. Well it also pays off in the summer for cooling the car before we open the doos. Another great feature is it shuts the car off when you open the door. If I have to run into a store briefly. I can restart the car with this to keep the dog cool. I a thief toys to steal it it shuts off. My Rottweiler stays cool and my car stays safe. I will be getting one for my old pick up truck also this winter. My truck is a 2004 chevy Silverado W/T with only 50256 miles on it. I will be able to warm that up in the winter also. Very happy customer