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I've been installing various brands and competitors products over the years , while the end result of remote starting a vehicle has been has been relatively straight forward and vehicles were a lot less complex in nature. Things have changed drastically in the recent years. Many offerings fail to offer the ever changing feature set and customization that Firstech and Compustar products bring to the table. Not only do they have the best quality and feature set such as highly customizable input and output logic, and almost indefinitely customizable timing options to make just about any integration you can think off happen.

Especially in picky modern vehicle electronic where timing is crucial. Even the form factor is a big deal. Modern vehicles tend to have less and less room to mount the electronics installed. Having compact controllers, offering data integration and bypass units in a cartridge form factor all add in space savings.

The feature sets are plentiful, versatile, customizable, save time and money by omitting some parts such as relays by using the units inputs and outputs, and the price point is very fair.