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These are my honest impressions, both Pro and Con, regarding the flagship T13 product from Compustar. I feel like my comments are mostly negative, although I still give it four stars because I would purchase it again now that I have it, but I'm not sure I would have purchased it initially based on my comments below.

Great customer service, so far, despite comments I've seen to the contrary on other forums. Also, I got a great installation by one of their authorized dealers (Best Buy) which is not where I purchased the equipment but is where I ended up. Terry at Best Buy really knows his stuff and collaborates with you to get what you need. I really like the additional sensor package that includes the jacking and vibration sensors.

CON: Seems like the battery must be recharged a lot. My factory key fob battery lasts about 2 years but this T13 key fob must be recharged every few months. Now this is not an apples-to-apples comparison since the T13 is a two-way remote and the factory remote is not, which is a dramatic difference to battery life, but to me it seems like I find it often on the charger.