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It's easier to talk about the small problems rather than all the great things. This is a 5-star rating, so don't think I don't like the product. Things I think could be better. First, the screen on the T13 gets scratched to all heck very quickly. Remember, it's pressed against metal keys in every usage, male or female. Also, T13 battery life is BARELY acceptable. I turned off all the beeps a passive unlock to save as much battery as possible. Also, time to upgrade that charge port to USB-C. The R5 is what it is. It's a 1-button with very long range. No complaints because it's not supposed to be anything more. Honestly, Drone has worked extremely well for me. I also have the factory Kia cellular app remote starter. The Kia one is terrible. Overall, I think the number one feature that Firstech/Compustar needs is bluetooth/wireless option changing. Heck, even if you just integrated it into the Drone app. It's really the only advantage your competitors have over you at this point.