What is Keyless Entry and How Does it Work?

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If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle’s convenience features, keyless entry is a great place to start! But what exactly is keyless entry and what kind of systems are on the market today? 

What is Keyless Entry?

Keyless entry systems allow you to unlock and lock the doors to your vehicle without using a key. Most modern US vehicles are equipped with a basic keyless entry system that includes a short-range remote transmitter.

How does keyless entry work?

Keyless entry to a vehicle is most commonly gained by sending a radio frequency signal from a remote transmitter to a control module/receiver in the vehicle. This radio frequency signal, or RF for short, is sent as an encrypted data stream directly to the car.

There is also another type of keyless entry that allows you access to your vehicle without even having to press a button, you just walk within five feet of your vehicle and the doors will unlock. Wouldn’t that be nice? A nice sleek product that helps you accomplish this is called the EZ GO. You simply put it in your pocket or place it on your key ring, and whenever you walk within range of your vehicle your doors will unlock.

OEM vs Aftermarket Keyless Entry

Many OEM/factory keyless entry systems are 1-way systems with limited range as mentioned above. These 1-way key fobs allow you to send a command to your vehicle, but you will not receive a confirmation that your command was actually successful. With a 2-way aftermarket solution, such as the Compustar PRO T12, you can be sitting in your home or office and send a lock command to your car and you will receive a confirmation that your vehicle was actually locked.

One of the cool features with some 2-way remotes, like the T12, is the ability to check your vehicle’s status. Imagine getting into your work or office and trying to remember if you locked your car. Well, with a 2-way remote, you can press a button to verify that your vehicle was actually locked.

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I briefly mentioned a solution that has virtually no limit regarding range: DroneMobile. DroneMobile allows you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle. This has many advantages including using a cellular network to send and receive commands to and from your vehicle with virtually no range limit. Other features include, but are not limited to: vehicle tracking, geo tracking, security alerts, remote start and keyless entry. One bonus feature with DroneMobile: if you ever lock your keys in your vehicle you can unlock it with your smartphone.

What components do you need to implement keyless entry on your vehicle?

If you are looking to implement a keyless entry system on your vehicle, regardless of whether you already have an OEM solution, you will need to get a system installed into your vehicle.

Compustar systems are sold with the added benefit of remote start and/or security to keep you and your vehicle comfortable and safe. At this time, Compustar does not offer systems that only add keyless entry, but make sure to contact your Local Authorized Dealer to confirm solutions available for your specific vehicle.

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The advantage of a Compustar keyless entry system is that they are 100% upgradeable. If you ever decide that you want more range out of your keyless entry system, or you want to add 2-way confirmation, simply revisit your authorized Compustar dealer and they will swap out and reprogram your remotes. No replacement of your internal system is required!

As you’re shopping for a keyless entry system, don’t overlook the importance of hiring a professional installer. Installers can not only assist you in finding the perfect system for your needs, but they can guarantee a safe and clean install. Contact an Authorized Dealer today to schedule your installation appointment. Don’t forget to mention the year/make/model of your vehicle!

The most important component, and is often overlooked, is the professional installer. Installers can not only assist you in finding the perfect remote start control module and remote transmitter combo for your needs, but they can guarantee a safe and professional install. It is extremely important to get a remote start system professionally installed because making a mistake during installation could potentially cost you more money and headache.

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