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What Are the Benefits of a Remote Starter?

While most people think of remote starters as having the single function of starting a car’s engine from outside the vehicle, Compustar remote starters offer unique features that provide comfort, security, and convenience. Read until the end to learn how you can find the right remote starter for you and your vehicle!


One of the biggest luxuries of having a remote starter is being able to step into a warm or cool car. A car equipped with a remote starter is crucial for those who live in colder parts of the country, especially during the winter months. A Compustar remote starter not only enables you to warm up your car’s engine from great distances but also activates your heater – giving you a warm and cozy car to escape the cold.

In the same regard, a remote starter becomes a necessity during the hot days of summer. It’s been proven that dark-colored cars tend to absorb more of the sun’s heat than lighter-colored vehicles. Plus, leather seats can be a pain to deal with in hot weather. A Compustar remote starter can help you battle these issues by activating your air conditioning system – keeping you and your car cool all summer long!


When compared to most OEM key fobs, which have an average range of approximately 65 feet, Compustar remotes can range from 1,500 feet up to 3 miles. This extended range allows you to set your car alarm and lock your doors from great distances. Whether you’re in the comfort of your home, at a grocery store, or on the beach, you’ll be able to lock your doors instantly with a long-range Compustar remote.

A must-have feature in remote start and car security is 2-way connectivity. Remotes with this feature enable you to control and secure your car confidently. A Compustar 2-way remote provides both audible and visual confirmation when commands from your remote are successfully sent to your vehicle. Remotes like the Compustar Q9 and T12 feature a 2-way LCD screen that animates to show you your vehicle’s engine and door status.


One of the most beneficial perks of having a remote starter in your vehicle is convenience. Compustar remotes allow you to start your vehicle with a single button press – without having to step foot inside your car. This means your car is ready to go as soon as you are!

Compustar’s long-range remotes also make it easy for you to lock and secure your vehicle. Gone are the days of going back outside to check if your doors are truly locked. Simply hit the lock button on your 2-way Compustar remote and the remote will confirm that the command was sent and received by your vehicle. Another feature included in our PRO T13 and PRO R5 remotes is Proximity Unlock. This convenient feature automatically unlocks your doors once the remote is within 3-6 feet of your vehicle. This function is especially useful for when your hands are tied up with the kids or groceries.

Which Remote Starter is Right for You?

At Compustar, we have plenty of remote start systems for you to choose from. Our remotes vary in size, design, range, and features – to tailor to your exact needs. If you’re in the market for the most advanced remote starters in the industry, then we recommend either the PRO T13 or PRO R5. Both remotes offer miles of extended range, a USB rechargeable battery, waterproofing, and include our Proximity Unlock feature.

Try out our System Builder tool today to check your vehicle’s compatibility with our remote starters and see which remotes we recommend!