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Is Remote Start Safe for My Car?

Remote starters provide a quick and effortless way to warm up your car in the winter and cool it down in the summer, but is it safe for your vehicle? Spoiler alert! Yes, Compustar remote start systems are safe to add to almost any vehicle as long as they are installed by a professional. In this article we’ll answer some of the most common questions you may have about remote start and its effect on your vehicle.

Can someone steal my car during remote start?

Person pulling on car door handle
A common cause of concern that someone may have when considering getting a remote starter installed in their vehicle is security. They may find themselves asking, “Is it safe to leave my car outside with the engine running?”. The answer is yes, a Compustar remote start system simulates the same engine start sequence as your car key, but without the physical presence of the key in the ignition.

In order for someone to drive your car, your remote start system must be unlocked and disarmed. More importantly, the original key or key fob (for vehicles with push-to-start) needs to be present in the car or in the ignition. Otherwise, the car will shut down as soon as someone presses the foot brake to put the vehicle into gear. This takeover feature from Compustar protects your car from thieves and certainly beats leaving your key in your car while it’s running.

Does a remote starter increase engine wear?

Man Checking Car Engine
One of the most common misconceptions about remote starters is that it increases engine wear. People have come to believe that remote starting puts unnecessary strain on your car’s engine, which is not true. Whether you’re sitting inside of your car or remote starting from the comfort of your home, your engine will not react any differently. Remote starting and running your engine before driving puts no more toll on the engine than if you were inside your car waiting for it to warm up.

In reality, one could argue that remote starters can actually be beneficial to your engine and even help prolong its lifespan. This is especially true in cold weather when your engine oil thickens, causing it to flow more slowly and lessening its ability to dissipate heat. Remote starting allows your engine oil to heat up and work more efficiently, limiting the strain on your engine once you start driving.

Do remote starters drain my battery?

Checking Car Battery
Another myth revolving around the topic of remote starters is that they can cause premature wear on your car’s battery. Similar to your vehicle’s radio or entertainment system, which continually draws a small amount of current to retain presets like time and your last music selection, a Compustar remote starter works no differently. While your engine is shut off, your remote starter will draw just enough current to allow your remote fob to communicate and command your car for locking, unlocking, and remote starting. A Compustar remote start system will not drain your battery any more than some of the other electronics in your vehicle.

While most vehicle makers outfit their cars with batteries capable of supporting electronics installed outside of the production line, there is a chance that your battery may not be able to handle additional electronic components. It’s best to double-check the health and age of your battery when considering remote start installation. To make sure that your battery can handle a remote starter, we emphasize getting your remote starter installed through a trained professional.

Compustar remote starters can provide you with low-battery alerts when your vehicle’s battery dips below 11.7V. These types of notifications are available on our 2-Way LCD remotes or the DroneMobile App.

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Get Professional Installation

Compustar remote starters provide a safe and secure way to start your car remotely when properly installed. Despite common presumptions, remote starters do not drain your car battery or increase engine wear. Safeguards like Compustar’s takeover feature also protect your vehicle from thieves. This feature requires the car’s key to be present in the vehicle to take over the remote starter and start driving.

To ensure your vehicle’s compatibility and proper remote start functionality, professional installation is required. Our Authorized Compustar Installers are trained professionals who have access to the latest tools and firmware needed to keep our remote starters up to date. To check your vehicle’s compatibility with our products, try our Compustar System Builder.