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How Compustar Proximity Unlock Works

Compustar just unveiled two new additions to the PRO 2-way remote series: the PRO T13 and R5. These remote starter kits are the very first to include the all-new Proximity Unlock feature.

Before we launched these remotes, this feature was only available in the newest vehicles. Now that it’s included in our Compustar PRO systems, you can add this premium feature to any vehicle for an upgraded OEM experience! Now let’s get into a bit more detail about how this exciting feature works.

What is Proximity Unlock?

The T13 remote in from of a grey sedan.

Some days when you walk out to your vehicle you’re bound to have your hands full. When juggling groceries, coffee, and the kids, it can be difficult to fish out your keys to unlock your door. 

The proximity unlock feature makes getting into your vehicle simpler than ever before. When your remote is within range of your vehicle the doors unlock automatically. The range of this feature is typically 3-6 feet, depending on where your remote starters antenna is located.

How Does Proximity Unlock Work?

Your car key fob, and your Compustar remote, work in similar ways. When you press the button on the remote, it sends a signal to the vehicle’s computer to unlock the doors and disarm the security system. Proximity unlock remotes follow the same process, but without pressing the button. In fact, you don’t even have to remove your key from your pocket! 

When you’re within 3-6 feet of the antenna, it will receive the signal transmitted by your remote. The slight variation in range depends on where the remote starter’s antenna is installed within the vehicle. 

When you have this feature installed, none of your factory security features will be compromised.

Which Compustar Remotes Have this Feature?

As of now, we’ve released two products with the proximity unlock feature: the PRO T13 and the R5.

The All-New PRO T13 

All of the hardware included in the T13 kit.

This remote is the most advanced product in our line-up. In addition to proximity unlock, here are some of the key features of this system: 

  • Full-Color LCD Screen
  • 2-Way LCD Remote with 3-Mile Max Range
  • USB Rechargeable Battery
  • IPX-7 Waterproof Remote


The Compact PRO R5 

All of the hardware included in the T13 kit.

Don’t let this remotes small size fool you, it packs a punch with all of these powerful features: 

  • Brand New Proximity Unlock Feature!
  • 2-Way LED Remote with 3-Mile Max Range
  • USB Rechargeable Battery
  • 2-Way Alarm Alerts


Will These Remotes Work With My Existing Remote Starter?

If you have an existing remote start or security system from Compustar, then you’re in luck! Out of the box, the PRO T13 will work with all Firstech remote starters and alarms made after 2013. However, to enjoy proximity unlock, the control module inside the vehicle must get a firmware update.

If you’re interested in purchasing a system that includes proximity unlock, then reach out to your local Compustar PRO Dealer. Click the button below to find a dealer today!