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The Best Remote Starter This Holiday Season

As the Holidays get closer and closer, we want to share with you our 2019 Compustar Holiday Gift Guide. Check out this curated list to help you find the best solution for keeping your loved ones warm and comfortable all year long!

Remote Start Systems 

This year we have added 4 remote start systems to our Compustar Holiday Gift Guide. We pride ourselves in providing the best vehicle specific remote starters in the industry. Our Authorized Dealers carry a wide variety of our products and are happy to help you identify which system is best for your specific wants, needs, and vehicle. Check out the list below to get an idea of what system is best for you!


The PRO T12 with LTE

We included this bundle because it is the most powerful remote start and car alarm combo in the industry! In 2019 this kit got even better. Now, in addition to the 2-way T12 remote, you also receive a Drone X1 module. The inclusion of the Drone X1 adds smartphone vehicle control and GPS car tracking to your remote starter and car alarm. This kit is compatible with most vehicles on the road, including manual transmissions and diesels. 


The 2WR3 with LTE

The sleek design of this 2-way remote makes it easy to use and fits well on any keychain. Much like the system mentioned above, this system now includes a Drone X1 for smartphone remote start control. The remote itself has a range of 3000 feet, but the Drone has an unlimited range allowing you to remote start from anywhere! This kit is compatible with most vehicles on the road, including manual transmissions and diesels. 


The CS4905-S-KIT

This 2-way remote starter comes with a water-resistant remote for all weather conditions! The CS4905-S-Kit works seamlessly with most vehicles and comes with a second remote to give to a loved one or keep as a backup. The remote boasts 3000’ of range, perfect for remote starting from inside the home or office.  


The RS1B-DC3 

If you’re looking for the basics, this is the system for you! This simple solution can upgrade nearly any vehicle with remote start. This sleek 1-button remote has 1000’ of maximum range. What’s the best part of this system? It’s security upgradeable, making it perfect for someone who wants to build onto their system over time. 



Remote Start Upgrades and Accessories 

These accessories make great gifts for the Compustar lover in your life! Get one of these kits for your spouse (or maybe gift one to yourself) if they have an existing Compustar system, or if they’re looking for standalone upgrades like car GPS tracking. 


The 901 with LTE 

If you have an existing remote starter, this is the ultimate upgrade. The 901 2-way remote is USB-rechargeable, and this kit now includes a Drone X1 instead of an additional 1-way remote. This kit gives you a top tier 2-way remote with a 1-mile max range, and DroneMobile becomes your backup remote with unlimited range. 


The PRO 2WG15 with LTE 

Giving this kit to a Compustar user will upgrade their remote starter to include one of our most durable remotes and smartphone vehicle control. The PRO 2WG15 is a water-resistant 2-way remote with a startling 2-mile maximum range! Also, with a Premium subscription, the Drone X1 module included with this system will add GPS tracking to your vehicle. This system is great for those who often find themselves far away from their cars. 


The Drone X1 MAX 

Want to add GPS tracking to your vehicle, but don’t have a remote starter? This module is for you. Want to add smartphone control to your remote starter or car security system, but don’t need a new 2-way remote? This module is for you. The Drone X1 MAX is the best solution for someone looking to add a GPS car tracker or smartphone control to their vehicle.


The 2WR3 with LTE 

This simple 1-button remote might not look like much, but, even with this simplistic design, it still maintains 2-way connectivity and 4 valuable remote start functions. The small size and light-weight material of this remote make it a great addition to any keychain!


Hopefully, this guide will help you determine the best gift for the Compustar lover in your life. If you decide to purchase any system listed above, visit your local Authorized Dealer. Our Dealer Locator can help you find the nearest Compustar retailer. 

Are you looking to give back this Holiday Season? When you search for a Compustar dealer, look for the Drive for Coats symbol next to their name in the Dealer Locator. These retailers are taking part in our Drive for Coats campaign. If you bring in a new or gently worn coat to a participating retailer, you will get a discount on your Compustar purchase AND provide a warm coat for someone in need. Happy Holidays!