PRO 2-Way G15

2-Way LED, 2-mile Remote Start System

PRO 2-Way G15

2-Way LED, 2-mile Remote Start System

Model: RF-P2WG15-SS
  • Up to 2-miles of range
  • 2-way LED confirmation
  • 4-button remote transmitter
  • Water-resistant + durable

System Options

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Control Features

Up to 2-Miles of Range

Powered by Digital Spread Spectrum Technology (DSST). Send commands from up to 2-miles away!

2-Way LED Confirmation

Receive instant visual and audible confirmation from your 2-way remote's blinking LEDs.

Remote Start

Hold down the KEY button for 2.5 seconds to remotely start your engine to heat up/cool down your vehicle.

Keyless Entry

Press the LOCK or UNLOCK buttons to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle's doors from extended distance.

Trunk Release

Hold the TRUNK icon to pop your trunk or to activate your power liftgate.

Auxiliary Control

Customize your Compustar system to remotely activate heated seats, rear defrost, rolling windows, and more! (Max 2 options)

Manual-Transmission Compatible

This remote start system can be safely installed onto a manual-transmission vehicle.

Diesel-Engine Ready

This remote starter can be safely installed onto a diesel-engine vehicle.

Push-to-Start Ready

Compustar remote starters are compatible with push-to-start vehicles.

Convenience Features

2nd Car Mode

This remote can be programmed to two vehicles with Compustar systems by entering and exiting "2nd Car Mode".

3-Year PRO Remote Warranty

Compustar PRO remotes are covered by an industry-leading 3-year warranty against defects and malfunctioning components.

DroneMobile Ready

Pair this system with a DR-3400 to add smartphone control and GPS tracking.

Water Resistant

Remote Kit Number


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Primary Remote Number


Backup Remote Number


Antenna Number




If you already have a Compustar system, the Compustar PRIME G9 is compatible with any of the following controllers.

Compustar CM-DC2


Vehicle-Specific Remote Start Controller

Compustar CM7200 controller


Universal Remote Start Controller

Compustar CM7200 controller


Universal Remote Start Controller

Compustar CM-800


LT Remote Start Controller

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