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Compustar cash for car alarms program

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How it works

Send in 40 old alarm units

Send us up to 40 old alarm units

(new, old, broken or defective)

Receive a Firstech credit

Receive a $15 Firstech credit

(per exchanged unit)

Apply credits towards Compustar alarms

Apply your credits towards Compustar alarms

(equal unit order amount of compustar security alarm systems)

How credits are calculated

10 old alarms is equal to $15 in credit

For every alarm unit you send in, you will recieve a $15 Compustar credit towards 1 Compustar alarm unit. In order to maximize your savings, purchase an equal or greater number of Compustar alarms to the number of old alarms you send us. For example, if you send us 10 car alarms, you'll get $150 that you can apply towards 10 or more Compustar alarms.

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Terms & Conditions: Compustar's Alarm Buy-Back exchange program will expire on April 30th, 2016. Dealers may exchange up to 40 identifiable alarm units in exchange for credit towards the purchase of a new Compustar security system. Return shipping for exchange will be paid for by Firstech. For a shipping call tag, authorization, and more rules regarding this promotion, please visit Territorial restrictions may apply where this promotion is not valid.