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Frequently Asked Questions

My remote does not work. What do I do?

A: You must go through a troubleshooting process: Does your vehicle respond to your remote at all? If yes, does it lock and unlock the doors? If yes then your system is in valet mode. Either tap buttons I and III or Lock and Trunk simultaneously on your remote. If no, have you tried reprogramming your remote outlined in the user's manual? If either option does not resolve your problem then you must take it to an Authorized CompuStar Dealer.

My vehicle does not remote start. What do I do?

A: Does your vehicle respond to your remote? If yes, what commands does it respond to? If no, does reprogramming your remote work? If your remote responds to your system and does not remote start it may be possible your bypass module or installation needs to be checked by your Authorized CompuStar Dealer.  

How can I find the nearest Authorized CompuStar Dealer in my area?

A: CompuStar dealers have expanded world wide in over 24 countries. Finding a dealer near you is as easy as a call to our professional and friendly sales staff free of charge at 888.820.3690 or via email to You can also locate your nearest authorized dealer here.

How do I reprogram my CompuStar remote to my vehicle?

A: This process is outlined in the user's manual for the remote. You must cycle the vehicle's ignition between the on and acc/off position 5 times within 7 seconds or less and then tap the lock button, button I, or put the battery in the remote (2WSSR / P2WSSR). The process depends on which remote(s) you have. All your remotes must be reprogrammed at the same time.

How many remotes can I program to my CompuStar system?

A: You can program up to 3 remotes with any Alarm, Alarm/Starter, and Starter system with the exception of the 2WSSR. The 2WSSR will only work with another remote (1WSSR) with the Alarm/Starter Combo system. All current systems will take up to 3 remotes.

Is the CompuStar remote compatible with an existing alarm or remote start system?

A: The CompuStar transmitters are not compatible with other systems due to our unique frequency modulations. These transmitting patterns are proprietary to CompuStar.

Are 5A and 5P remotes series compatible with my old CompuStar system?

A: No, 5A and 5P remotes have firmware that will not work with older 2-Way CompuStar systems. Your current 3A and 3P CompuStar remotes are not compatible with the 5A and 5P.

My 2-Way remote flashes "Hold" on the LCD when I press any button. What causes that?

A: Your remote has a button lock feature. If you hold button 4 down for 2.5 seconds that will engage or disengage that feature.

How do I adjust my CompuShock shock sensor?

A: This sensor is a small, black egg shaped piece usually installed under the dash. There is a small dial on the end that ranges from "Off" to 10, 10 being the most sensitive. Firstech recommends a setting between 3 and 4. Anything higher than that will cause false alarm triggers. The CompuShock can be mounted anywhere so please check with your installer for details. Also when checking with your installer make sure adjusting your sensor will not void their installation warranty. Note you can turn your shock sensor on and off from any of your remote(s).

I have a manual transmission. How do I set my vehicle up to remote start?

A: You have to set manual transmission reservation mode. Reservation mode involves leaving your gear in neutral. You must set your e-brake and a few seconds later remove the vehicle's key from the ignition. Your vehicle will remain running until you exit your vehicle and close all doors. The motor will shut down and your remote will receive a page back (2-Way remote) and lock and arm the system.

Does my vehicle need a bypass module?

A: Not every vehicle needs a bypass module. We recommend that you check with your dealer. Your vehicle may need a module or two depending on the year.

What does my warranty cover and how long does it last for?

A: Your CompuStar warranty covers the remote and external parts for 1 year from date of purchase. Your warranty for CompuStar Pro remotes double to 2 years. The control module is covered the lifetime that you own the vehicle. The CompuStar warranty is non-transferable and only available to the original purchaser. Installation labor is not covered by Firstech, LLC. Please see here for more details.